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About Exceed Driver Training

Why is Exceed Driver Training the best choice for you?

At Exceed we believe that learning to drive is more important than passing a driving test, there is a big difference. Driving round and round test routes is all well and good if you never want to drive anywhere beyond the area you're learning. At Exceed we teach you HOW TO DRIVE, how to read road signs and markings, planning ahead and seeing hazards before you get to to them, preventing you being involved in an incident. You'll also learn how to deal with other road users; bikes, people, buses, horses etc. Learn to make your own decisions and stay safe when you're out driving alone.

More about Exceed Driver Training:

Our instructor can be found on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers. He can offer support in all three parts of the Instructor qualifying exams on a one to one basis, PAYG. Our main training area is the Learner drivers; we teach in both manual and automatic cars, offering tuition to anyone who wants to Learn, including those with learning difficulties/special needs and/or minor physical disabilities.

What can Exceed Driver Training offer you?

We aim to offer our customer a first class service. Exceed is the only driving school that offers a free 'stay safe' assessment in the first year of driving after passing the driving test. This is to ensure that the new driver has maintained a good level of knowledge and is still following the tules of the road to keep themselves safe.

Who preceded you?

All our customers are trained as individuals, not a 'one size fits all' training plan. Whatever your level or aim, we will work our training around your needs not a training schedule. Everyone has their own way of learning and their own pace, whether it be slowly or quickly we will work with you to make sure that when you go to test you have the knowledge required to keep you safe.


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